We are working with RCT council and Interlink to arrange assistance for those who are self-isolating or shielding due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Some of these people do not have relatives living nearby and so need the help of volunteers from the Glyncoch community. This is part of a wider effort by communities across RCT to help their neighbours.

We are looking for people to help with :-

  1. Food shopping by
    • Buying for others when you shop at a supermarket.
    • Delivering goods from a local shop.
  2. Collecting medication from the Glyncoch pharmacy.
  3. Delivering other essential supplies.

The form below has a space to indicate how much time you have available. An hour or two per week would be ample for most tasks.

We will take every precaution necessary to avoid circumstances where the virus can be passed on, practicing social distancing measures, to safeguard the health of volunteers and vulnerable residents being supported. Volunteering activities will comply with the up-to-date public health instructions advised by the Government.

To register your interest please fill out this form.